Ymir and Christa


If I get 12 ‘SING’ s The Mun Shall Record Themselves Singing


Suggest songs to them, and whatever they want to pick, they will sing.

Reblog if Yumikuri

[[wanders in 10 years late with a badly made gif]]

[[I’m sorry for all the ooc posts lately, I’ve got a few updates sketched out at home when I get there tomorrow, but I’d like to ask, what does everyone think about people who cosplay characters that arent their body type?? (especially in terms of overweight people hn) I mean I know a lot of people try and get the positive message out there about how you should cosplay what you love but after today I’m wondering whether that’s really the main idea out there.. sorry if this is kinda weird but I’d like to know everyones thoughts?]]

If I get 10 “voice”s, I (the mun) will record myself voice acting the character I roleplay.